Our Team


Fine Points Professionals, The Leadership Challenge® Authorized Service Center, is comprised of Amy Savage, Cheryl Boys, and Carol Wolper. Amy, Cheryl, and Carol launched FPP in November 2004 after working for tompeterscompany! for a combined total of 18 years. Their forte is offering stress-free LPI administration to clients in the United States and internationally. The FPP team strives to make the LPI process a smooth, positive experience for clients and leaders who complete the LPI. Their work is noteworthy for their emphasis on keeping track of the administration details, constant availability to the client, complete follow through, and trustworthy processes.

Apart from their professional relationship these women have been close friends for 25+ years. Amy has 2 young daughters, Ella and Lily, and enjoys decorating and cooking. Cheryl and Carol relish their current roles as grandmothers and both are childbirth coaches whenever the opportunity arises. All three women volunteer extensively in their respective churches.

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