Our Team

George Dumigan

As Vice President of Marketing at New Haven Consulting Group Inc., George Dumigan is responsible for directing and leading a sales force of business consultants. Mr. Dumigan has his undergraduate degree in economics and a Masters in psychology.

Mr. Dumigan has an extensive background in sales, business consulting, and professional training. He has held positions in sales companies such as the Victor Comptometer Corporation, Prentice-Hall Publishing, and Kero-Sun, Inc. as the European Market National Sales Manager.

As a representative of New Haven Consulting Group Inc., George has consulted with senior management at several companies including Bell Communications Research, Crosfield Electronics, DuPont, Marsh and McLennan Insurance, Millipore, and Pfizer. One of his areas of expertise is coaching senior managers in the areas of management processes, marketing, interpersonal skills and inter-group conflict resolution. Mr. Dumigan is an accomplished workshop leader and has led workshops for thousands of business professionals. Mr. Dumiganís specialty, is training on the compliance topics: Diversity, Preventing Sexual Harassment, Business Ethics, and Fair Management Practices. Throughout his career, George has conducted workshops throughout North America, Europe, Asia and Africa. In 2003, George was certified as an Emotional Intelligence (EI) facilitator. The certification was an intensive four-day program. Since being certified, George has conducted numerous EI workshops throughout the United States.

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