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Judith Richterman

Background Experience
Judith Richterman works with organizations to improve individual and organizational performance. Her 20 years of experience include working with executive and management teams to plan and lead successful culture change, managing complex implementations, developing, customizing and delivering training, and using measurement and feedback at individual and organizational levels. Judith has been in sales, consulting, training, product design, human resource, and professional service management roles. She holds an MBA in Organizational Development.

    Performance Highlights
  • Worked with a global consulting firm to develop sales skills and a team selling culture among partners and throughout the organization
  • Managed all aspects of the client relationship with several million-dollar clients
  • Designed training to enhance capabilities in leadership and team development
  • Educated and developed leadership teams to provide on-going direction, support, and guidance to people implementing change in their organizations
  • Worked with a global consulting firm to assess performance and provide 360 degree feedback to partners and principals
  • Worked with a manufacturing firm to convert all North American plants from a traditional structure to team-based organizations
  • Helped a financial institution implement a values-based quality approach that resulted in increased revenue, lower cycle time, and greater customer satisfaction
  • Significantly expanded her territory each year as an Account Executive. Judith achieved top performer status with a major training and consulting company.

Judith has worked with a wide variety of organizations including health care, financial, consulting, consumer products, manufacturing, government, and publishing industries.

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