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During the past thirty years, Tom has trained, facilitated, and led individuals and organizations through skill-building and consulting experiences that produce measurable results. Tom worked for many years with Kepner-Tregoe, Inc., a Princeton-based consulting company. He was Director of National Accounts, managing the relationship with IBM, GE, Eastman Kodak, Union Carbide, Corning and Monsanto nationwide. He is currently the founder and Principal of APPLIED THINKING SKILLS based in Albany, NY. His experience includes a major project in Corinth, NY, where he helped install a problem solving initiative resulting in several hundred thousand dollars in savings as well as a long-term engagement with International Paper. Recognizing that training alone often does not result in long term results, Tom’s focus has been on the implementation of company-wide systems and processes. His clients include Corning, Albany Molecular Research, Inc., Solvay Paperboard, New York Air Brake, and many others.

Tom has always focused on client results. His ability to quickly understand the business issues of an organization and then focus on individual and/or group development to meet those needs has always been a ‘passion’ for Tom. His experience from Boardroom to shop floor, CEO of his own retail business, and several years spent as a manufacturing Engineer at Eastman Kodak (where he began developing his management development background) has provided Tom with a wide blend of practical, real world experience that has provided a strong platform now used in the service of others.

Coupled with the offerings of a strong leadership development company he has learned to appreciate the human side of organizational effectiveness. By blending powerful, tangible processes of problem solving and project management with the “intangibles”, he has the ability to impact virtually any area in an organization. Mr. Wersten has a BS in Mechanical Engineering and is a member of the Advisory Board of .

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