Instructional Design

understands that clients seek learning and training solutions that produce business results. That means that the learning is taken back to the job and used for the benefit of the organization. Thus, we specialize in developing customized programs that facilitate the transfer of learning from the learning experience to the real world.

Our instructional design services begin with comprehensive needs assessment services. We obtain information using a variety of techniques: interviews, focus groups, and surveys. This data gathering focuses on performance issues that can be addressed in customized learning modules.

Then, we work with internal design team contacts to develop programs tailored to the learner needs. Our expert instructional designers work in close collaboration to meet the agreed-upon learning and business goals. Program designs are highly interactive, engaging learners in a variety of experiential activities. We work to accelerate learning and ensure relevance to on-the-job applications.

We provide pilot sessions that allow testing of the workshop content and flow. These pilot sessions lead to appropriate improvements that make sure that the program hits the mark. Then, as we implement, we maintain contact to fine tune customized materials and keep a focus on learner and business impact.

Contact us to explore how customized instructional designs can help your employees achieve your desired learning outcomes.

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