Problem Solving & Decision Making

The process we offer for problem solving and decision making is used and taught in major organizations worldwide. Originally developed by Drs. Charles (Chuck) Kepner and Ben Tregoe while working at the RAND Corporation, our approach is a conscious, step-by-step process for solving problems (finding “root cause”), making effective decisions (taking action), and delving into the potential risks and opportunities of the decision you want to implement. These “thoughtware” methodologies help you maximize your critical thinking skills, organize and prioritize information, set objectives, evaluate alternatives, and analyze impact. The common language and process allows people with diverse content knowledge and skills to successfully resolve business issues.

During development in these processes, coached applications will help you address the problems and decisions you face at work every day. The process is so effective that it becomes "the way things are done" at many organizations and is the basis of many operational improvement programs.


This program is recommended for leaders and managers at all levels, from supervisors and middle managers to top executives. Employees and support staff who participate substantially in problem solving and decision making within their work units are also encouraged to attend.


Through the use of accelerated learning concepts, you will develop specific questioning techniques that will improve your ability to make decisions, sort out complex situations, solve tough problems, and plan ahead.

  • Find the true cause of a problem before investing in expensive corrections.
  • Develop preventive actions against factors that could damage your business plans.
  • Deal rationally and constructively with emergency situations.
  • Use a common language to improve communication.
  • Justify your recommendations to higher levels of management with structured thinking and documentation.
  • Learn to manage risk.
  • Learn how to question incisively to access relevant information.
  • Learn a problem-solving process you can use under extreme time pressure.
  • Break down large concerns into manageable pieces and prioritize them.
  • Solve real problems by working on actual job-related concerns.

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