Strategic Succession Management

Historically, succession planning has been about the development of talent for strategically important positions. Regrettably, the administration of the planning mechanics (the framework) has too often received greater focus than the actual development that should result (the outcome). We have elected to use different terminology to describe our holistic approach to developing succession talent - Strategic Succession Management - with the aim of communicating something broader and more relevant than succession planning.

The aim of Strategic Succession Management is to create a process through which the organization is intentional about its efforts to develop next generation leadership talent. The emphasis is on building a broad spectrum of capability in the management ranks so that the availability of internal talent will not be a limiting factor to the organization's strategic direction.

Simply stated, we believe that the key to an organization's effectiveness is the development of great leaders who, in turn, develop great employees and performance operating environments.

We focus on three elements that are essential to the development of great leaders.

  1. Objective, candidate-specific information
  2. Leader development training for mature managers
  3. A Precision Strategic Succession Management planning and implementation framework.

We assist leaders in developing the skills they need to manage their own priorities, communicate effectively, coach individuals, take appropriate risks and lead teams that contribute to their organization's success. We develop and facilitate leadership training that is business-focused, practical, interactive, and enjoyable. We've also designed our leadership training curriculum so that organizations can take advantage of having a solid leadership curriculum, delivered by expert leadership facilitators, coaches and assessment staff.

We have designed a practical Precision Leadership Development framework that is customized for each participant, brings leader development priorities into sharp focus, itemizes high-leverage development goals and a tracking system to monitor gap-to-goal for each participant.

Strategic Succession Management Outcomes

The outcomes of our Strategic Succession Management process include:

  • Retaining and developing high potential employees
  • Building internal staff capabilities (bench strength) for the emerging organizational demands
  • Creating opportunities for inclusion of minorities in leadership development
  • Mapping various succession options
  • Facilitating developmental moves across the organization
  • Establishing a professionally managed organization with the systems in place to ensure that it will have effective leaders going forward

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