Web-based Talent Management

Our tools deliver the expected results, and support competitive advantages for our clients. Robust, easy to use and cost effective, they deliver high value when used to place professionals in the right assignments, align goals and performance expectations with business strategy, track performance results and provide reports that enable great future talent management decisions.

Many of the solutions offered by including Leadership Development, Problem Solving/Decision Making, Project Management, Emotional Intelligence, Business Ethics, and Strategy Formulation lend themselves to online goal-setting and performance measurement in our web-based talent management tools. We offer a highly effective talent management toolbox that can either stand on its own or support other solutions.

Talent Management Enabling Tools

Our web-based talent management tools are designed by and with leaders, with the success of those leaders and the businesses they lead, always top of mind.

  • Goals
  • Competency Development Scorecards
  • 360 Feedback
  • Talent Development Worksheet - a unique tool for better career guidance, personalized performance feedback and career discussions pulling all performance information into an easy to use career data dashboard
  • Reports - designed to help leaders keep a finger on the pulse of their organizations and make more informed talent management decisions.
  • CEO Dashboards - custom designed to provide CEOs, CFOs, and Presidents know where the talent strengths and soft spots are in the organization. They prefer to have this knowledge at their fingertips to make better strategic and tactical decisions.


  • Integration with all major systems including SAP, PeopleSoft and ADP; or stand-alone capability.
  • Tools that share data - for example, competency development goals are flagged in Scorecards and suggested future goals from scorecards appear in Goals.
  • Choice of a review and approval process to fit your organization
  • Automatic emails inform users when their action is needed
  • Easy Administration - keeping the content of tools, and employee profiles updated, is efficient and low cost


  • Competency Model Creation - a simple, time efficient process that works
  • Turn-key Solutions - communications and training on point
  • Change Management - Methods to win acceptance and commitment
  • Operations and Maintenance Outsourcing - hosting, help desk and content updates

Results and Benefits

  • Professionals understand what is expected of them and how their goals support their careers and the business
  • Leaders improve ability to guide with clarity, provide needed resources and quickly respond to market opportunities
  • Higher quality performance feedback
  • Accelerated development of core and technical competencies
  • More effective coaching, counseling, and mentoring capability
  • Retention of key talent

What Clients Say

  • "Keeping track of my achievements helped my career and this tool will help all of us." Assurance Business Leader
  • "This is very unique and very effective, very user friendly and important in identifying specialty area competencies and where people need to develop." Partner In Charge, Tax
  • "The scorecard will allow us to provide the exact skills training needed, when needed." Region Business Leader
  • "I expect there is a correlation between getting effective performance feedback and retention." CEO
  • "One aspect of the Scorecard that was very welcoming to me as a counselor is that the individual starts the process. This self-evaluation does a great deal to foster two-way communication. It also helps that the staff are actually very honest about their performance." Tax Senior Manager
  • "Itís a brilliant idea. It does so much to keep the lines of communication open." Assurance Senior Manager
  • "At our firm, we want to help our people be the best that they can be. The Scorecard helps us do that by giving them a way to get faster feedback on how theyíre doing." HR Partner
  • "Previously, it was often the case that people were still filling out evaluations the day before year-end meetings. That didnít happen this year." HR Manager
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